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itsjustviviannn said: how can i get the patterns for the chibi pokemon?

Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t have any written patterns for them, I just improvise.

However, my little bunny pattern can be used quite well as a base for some pokemon, the arms, legs, and body are basically the same. And the details aren’t difficult to make at all! :), it just requires a little imagination.

For example, Cleffa’s curl, and Slowpoke’s ears are just a Ch 11 or 7, and DC in each chain; then you roll it up, apply a bit of glue so it doesn’t unroll, and sew it to the head ^_^. Chikorita’s leaf is something like “(working in rounds) Ch 13, HDC in 2nd ch from hook, DC in next 9 st, HDC, sc, 2 sl st in the same st, sc, HDC, DC in next 9 st, HDC.” For Squirtle’s body, follow rounds 1 to 4 from the head of the bunny pattern, add another round of 24 st and finish off; make 2 of these (one in cream and the other in brown), and sew them together. The white border is just a long chain glued to the seam between both parts.

I hope this can help you. Have a nice day! ^_^

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