Hi! Welcome to Purring Cakes's tumblr! =(´ᴖ ᴥ ᴖ)=

I'm Mya, and this is where I post pictures of my amigurumi and crochet projects. I also post free patterns sometimes, you can check them here.

Please, remember that I only follow craft blogs with this account.
Thank you! ♥

I do sell my amigurumi but only in my city (Mar del Plata, Argentina), if you live there, and are interested in purchasing something, visit the Facebook page for more info.

Today’s Purring Cakes’ 1st anniversary!!! ·˖✧◝(◠▿◠)◜✧˖·

A year ago, my boyfriend finally convinced to sell my creations, and that’s how Purring Cakes was born xD

Today I wanna thank not only my Facebook fans, but also all the deviantArt and Tumblr followers. I love you, guys!


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